Robert Kelaghan

Robert Kelaghan with guitar and candle light.

I fell  in love with Music at an early age.  Piano was my first instrument and I  studied that from ages 5 to 10.  Overlapping the latter part of that  time, I also sang (and tap danced !?!) with a Children’s Dance Company  and performed regularly in their end-of-the-year recitals.  During my  teens, I picked up the guitar and that has been my main instrument ever  since (although I have flirted with synthesizers on occasion).  Also,  some of the best memories in Church growing up were of singing when the  whole church was filled with many, many voices lifted together (&  brought together) by the power of song or hymn.  

Song  writing showed up in college.  Like many of my generation I was  captivated by the emergence of the “singer-songwriters” such as Bob  Dylan, Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and Van Morrison.   And of course, the Beatles too. I don’t remember the first song I ever  wrote (probably for a good reason), but I do remember the joy of  creating something out of nothing, almost like it was a kind of magic.

When  I got “zapped” by Spirit & totally hooked by yoga and meditation in  my late teens, my attention was drawn to the incredible power of music  as a vehicle for raising consciousness -- since then I have used  song-writing first as a way to “process” the lessons and mysteries of my  own life, and then, as a way to reach out, share and touch other souls  who are searching for more in their lives as well.  

That  journey continues today.  Along the way I have added several  instruments, including harmonica and the harmonium and have founded  several bands: “Namaste,”  (World-Beat & Spiritual Rock), “The Crazy  Karma Kirtan Band (Eastern & Western Chant Music) & my current  group, “BHAKTI BLISS” (Chant & Devotional Music). 

More and more, I see that music can not only inspire and educate,  but even more importantly, it can take us all into the silences ... & the still places...where we can tap into the deepest parts of  our Selves.  Where we can remember, literally – again – who we really  are...